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The Amellior Conflict Resolution Programme

Amellior recognises that no conflicts are the same. To this end, we make sure we conduct appropriate “discovery” with the conflicted parties, in order to assess needs and to create a bespoke nature to the programme. The fundamentals of our programme, however, are broadly the same, and comprise the following:

    • A “listening surgery”: A skilfully structured sharing of information and with an aim to agree what is most important. We will listen to both /all sides of the issue, separately.
    • A supportive restorative justice session where all parties will be guided in exploring harm caused and what could be done differently.
    • A Change Pledge: Through exploration of 'circles of control’, the parties will be supported to create a personal and individual commitment to change.
    • A Collective Vision: Driven by the parties involved, we will support the structure of a collective vision for a positive future.
    • A post-session report, highlighting green, amber and red areas of attention, and making the organisation / parties aware of the progress and feedback on the sessions.
    • In certain contexts, the programme can also address the events on 13th June 2020 that led to the Amellior team’s own Patrick Hutchinson’s photo going viral around the world. This story highlights a lived example of how humility and being a strong leader can work for the betterment of us all in tense and often anger-filled situations.
    • A short video from Patrick can also be played, when required, encouraging the parties to stick to their pledges and make positive changes to their lives and those of their fellow colleagues.

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The Amellior "Team Resilience" Programme for Companies

Amellior works closely with companies and organisations to build courageous teams by empowering the individuals with the team. This programme is aimed at teams and individuals within companies wishing to strengthen employee wellbeing, resolve and leadership skills. The programme can be adapted to address specific issues within companies and teams, always with the aim of transforming work cultures and creating productive and positive teams and individuals.

The course addresses an “anti-bystander” or “active bystander” approach, and is based on the narrative of significant events in recent history where taking positive, constructive action has brought about the possibility of huge positive change.

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Bespoke courses, coaching and programmes

The Amellior team comprises experiences coaches and programme designers. If you would like to discuss bespoke courses, coaching or programmes for individuals or teams, please contact us at

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